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Neon Kids At Home is a resource just for parents. We want to work together to take what we teach at Neon Kids into your home. We work to partner with our families to help our kids know God more, grow deeper in their faith, and be able to take that into the world around them. We have created a weekly family night activity that relates to our Big Idea and weekly Bible stories. Check them out below and take one night each week to grow closer together and closer to God.

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WEEK 1 MAY 7th-13th

Word: One God- John 14:1-14
Bible Point: There is only one God and one way to Him.

Questions to ask on the drive home: What does Trinity mean? What is the way to Heaven and God? What are things that other people might think are the way?


This week, have a treasure hunt! Close all the doors to every room. Write a 4 digit password that opens each door. Tell them what door to start with and inside that room leave a clue that tells them what door to go to next. To get the password they guess like this “2222” if the combo was 1234 you would tell them the second number is correct and continue. When they get to the final door have a prize waiting inside. Afterwards talk about how there was one password just like there is one way to God.

WEEK 2 MAY 14th-20th

Word: One Life- Matt 25:14-30 & Ephesians 5:15

Bible Point: We have one life to choose who we live for.

Questions to ask on the drive home: If you could be anything what would it be?How can we live our lives for God?


This week, have a trick shot battle! Watch a “Dude Perfect” video online together and then try out your own trick shots at home! Take a ping pong ball/frisbee/basketball and see who can make the craziest shots into a cup or a bucket!! Keep track of how many trys it takes to make each shot. Record it on your phone and share it using our hashtag! Afterwards ask them how much more careful they would be if they only got one shot. Read Ephesians 5:15 and talk about living our life for God.

WEEK 3 MAY 21st-27th

Word: One You- John 6:1-14

Bible Point: God made you unique. Use your gifts for Him.

Questions to ask on the drive home: Who gave Jesus food? What gifts has God given you? How could you use those gifts for God?


This week, make a family meal together! Give every person a part of actually making or helping make some part of the meal. Can be as simple or complex as you like. As you eat together, talk about each others gifts and strengths and how we can use those for God. After dinner, read the story from John 6 together and talk about how that boy gave up his food and gave it to Jesus and how Jesus used that gift. Talk about how we can give our gifts to Jesus too.

WEEK 4 MAY 28th-JUNE 3rd

Word: One Together. 1 Corinthians 12:12-20 Nehemiah 1-6

Bible Point: We are one when we work together.

Questions to ask on the drive home: Why is it important to work together? What did Nehemiah build?


This week, you will be navigating through a minefield! In your living room or other open space place a bunch of pieces of paper and put a big X on them. These are the “mines”. Take turns pairing up with one person wearing a blindfold and the other person trying to direct them using only their words. See what team can make it through the fastest. You could even have a prize at the end of the minefield. Afterwards, talk about how we need each other and God has created us to work together.

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