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Behind our heart for kids




We want every kid to have a personal relationship with their savior and know that God loves them and has a plan for their life




We want every kid to continually grow closer to God by developing strong relationships and learning from leaders who care about them






We want every kid to be so excited about the love of God that they take it to the world around them and become a light in the darkness


What’s a

Big Idea?

Each month we look at what we call Big Ideas. These are simply things that we talk about that God uses to change us and help us change the world around us. Each month we have a new “Big Idea” that comes along with a new theme!

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Our Big Ideas


Teaching kids of all ages about God through groups designed specifically with them in mind.

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Neon Jr.


Neon Kids

K-6th grades


Kids Camp is a life changing event! Kids from all across the state come to experience God, grow closer to him, and have an AMAZING time! 
This years camp is June 20-24

Each year we have a few Family Experience Services where we all come together adults & kids for an awesome service filled with music, comedy, and the Word of God!

At the end of each October we have a Harvest Festival! It is an event filled with music, inflatables, candy, hay rides, carnival games, giveaways, & more! 

Each Summer we hold a huge event to show the community of Apple Valley God’s love. We have free school supplies, backpacks, food, games, inflatables, & more! 


Empowering families to live their faith out at home



Neon Kids At Home

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